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The Little School has 5 classes accommodating children ages 2 through 5 years of age. Our curriculum is based on a hands-on approach believing all children learn by doing. Each morning begins with free play in our tree shaded, park like yard. In this beautiful setting our children are always engaged in fun activities such as climbing on wooden gym structures, riding bikes, digging in the sandbox and swinging on our tire swing. In addition to gross motor activities allowing them to safely take risks, they are also involved in imaginative play, creative arts and tending to the vegetable garden. Our classroom programs are enriched with body movement, music, and chapel each week.


The children in our Two Year Old class must turn two no later than August 31st.  This program is available three or five days a week with a 1:6 teacher/child ratio. Our three day a week program is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

The day begins with a morning meeting where each child has an opportunity to share something they would like to tell, fostering self-confidence and strengthening language development. During free play, the children engage in imaginative play, solve puzzles, read books, complete projects as well as explore with manipulatives and light tables. This is an important time for the children to have an opportunity to explore materials while learning to share and foster language development in a safe and nurturing environment. The children are exposed to a variety of art materials including markers, crayons, scissors and play dough to build the fine motor skills before writing skills fully develop.  We also work on the self help skills necessary for children to become more independent such as finding our cubbies and washing our hands.


The children in our three year old program must turn 3 before August 31st. This class is available five days a week with up to a 1:8 teacher/child ratio. The day begins with a morning meeting with activities to enhance language development, lengthen attention span and develop listening skills. The teachers also work on projects with the children focusing on a variety of topics.  The children are always working to become more responsible and independent by following the routine of the day, putting things in their cubbies,  and putting away toys each day the children come together as a group and have an extended period of time to interact socially during free play. The materials available during free time are carefully chosen to to develop perceptual skills, spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination, encourage collaboration, and to foster creativity. The children are introduced to a variety of art media and utilize the sensory and light tables to explore and experiment with many different materials. The teachers also focus on pre-reading and pre-writing skills through language games and activities.



The children in our Pre-K class must turn 4 before august 31st.   This is a full day program with the hours of 8:30-3:00.  This class can have up to a 1:8 teacher/child ratio  Each day the children participate in free choice opportunities as well as teacher directed activities with one hour set aside for STEAM exploration.  These activities will focus on the pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-mathematic skills needed for success in elementary school. The children work on fine motor skills and visual perception skills by tracing, cutting, writing their names and learning sign language. The alphabet is introduced with stories focusing on letters that allow the children to hear and begin identifying sounds and there are many creative art activities, building opportunities and explorations taking place each day.  Our Pre-K children are always becoming more independent and are encouraged to take on leadership roles in the school.

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